Translations without a court interpreter’s certification (non-certified translation of documents)

A non-certified translation of documents is a translation that does not include a certification by a court interpreter. In short, written non-certified translation is a written transfer of text from the source language to the target language.
Non-certified translations are most commonly delivered and translated electronically (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, PDF, and similar formats). A non-certified translation of documents can be delivered in paper or electronic form. When it comes to non-certified translations, it is not necessary to follow the format of the original text (number of pages, page layout, etc.). The format is agreed with the client of the translation. A different format can be used if the original text so requires.

Non-certified translations are most often ordered for texts and documents such as instructions for use, websites, CVs, brochures, catalogues, letters, menus, travel guides, leaflets, etc.

Certified translation of documents

A translation made by a certified court interpreter, who certifies with her/his stamp and signature that the translation is a faithful and complete translation of the original document, is called a certified translation. Unless otherwise provided by law, the period of validity of a certified translation is unlimited. All documents in a foreign language should be translated into a country’s official language by a court interpreter for that foreign language to have probative value. Only a certified translation of a public or private document has the probative value of a public instrument. This means that all documents that have originally been drawn up in a foreign language must be translated and certified by a court interpreter in order to have probative force. Certified translation is required when exercising rights in proceedings before all public administrative bodies, notaries public, and courts.

Certification by a court interpreter is required when translating documents to be used for official purposes, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, judgments, court decisions, school certificates and transcripts, diplomas, criminal record certificates, certificates of residence, powers of attorney, ID cards, passports, driving licenses, court register excerpts, various other certificates and declarations, etc.


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