Prevoditeljske usluge - kvaliteta

The ABIS translation agency quality management system is certified according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and conforms to the requirements of the ISO 17100-2015 quality standards.

Only few translation agencies in the Republic of Croatia can boast these prestigious certifications.

The following certifications that guarantee the quality of our operations, processes and the translation services we offer, have been approved and issued by a world-renowned authority in the field of quality monitoring and control, Bureau Veritas, and their expert reviewers who, after a thorough examination of our mode of operation and evaluations of all aspects of our business, found that all the requirements of the above standards are fully met.

ABIS translation agency is widely known as an agency often contacted by companies that need a translation of highly specialised texts, for example in fields such as engineering, mechanics, economics or medicine. They commonly contact us after failing to translate their texts accurately enough elsewhere. Especially in the case of a translation of a contract where linguistic precision is of paramount importance. In addition, we provide a full range of translation services, including certified translations, proofreading, consecutive interpreting services, and the organization of corporate events with multilingual simultaneous translation services.