ABIS Translation Agency – Zagreb, your translator and court interpreter for more than 30 languages!

Advantages – specialised translations, certified translations, translations into more than 30 world languages, court interpreters, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services, native speakers.

In the foreign market, we operate under the brand name Translations.hr.

Excerpt from an interview given for the purpose of presenting the ABIS Prevoditelj.com Translation Agency to the readers of Lider magazine.

“Our translation agency is widely known as an agency primarily contacted by companies that need to translate highly specialised texts, for example, in the fields of engineering, mechanics, economics or medicine. Especially if it is a translation of a contract where the highest possible linguistic precision is sought.

In addition, we provide a truly full translation service that includes certified court interpreters, proofreading, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting service, and even the entire organisation of corporate events with a multilingual simultaneous translation service. ”

From the very beginning, a successful cooperation has been established with Eurotranslate Translation Agency, our partner in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Why ABIS Prevoditelj.com Translation Agency

Prevoditelj.com (ABIS d.o.o.) is the leading translation agency in the region, and a company with a list of renowned clients to whom we are fully committed. On a monthly basis, we fulfil thousands of orders from Croatia and abroad. We guarantee top quality translation and delivery within the agreed deadlines. Written translations are exclusively translated by native speakers and experienced proofreaders. Students and inexperienced translators are excluded.

The business of Prevoditelj.com (ABIS doo) includes all types of translation services, such as translations of written texts and documents by a professional translator or a certified court interpreter, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting service, editing, proofreading and correction of texts, and even the entire organisation of corporate events or conferences with a multilingual simultaneous translation service. All of the above applies to more than 30 world languages.

Prevoditelj.com Translation Agency is certified according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 (quality management system) and EN 15038: 2006 (quality management system for translation companies).

As for references, Prevoditelj.com has years of experience in translating and proofreading texts from various professional fields.