Translation Agency


A translation agency with extensive experience and long-term clients. Our experienced translators and court interpreters offer a full translation service is the top translation agency in the region and a member of a European network of translation agencies. We have built a stable and loyal client base and a strong reputation among our clients. On a monthly basis we process thousands of service requests from Croatia and abroad. In addition to establishing and developing standard translation procedures, we are particularly focused on state-of-the-art remote solutions enabling us to provide the fastest online direct translation services.

We translate your business documents, financial statements, specialised texts, files and websites.
We can send the translated documents by email, mail and fax or have them delivered on a CD. We have ISO quality certificates guaranteeing top quality translation services and the shortest deadlines.

Lektoriranje, korektura, redaktura, prijevod diploma

    Erste & Steiermarkische banka d.d. Zagreb, IBAN: HR5124020061100098420
    Zagrebačka banka d.d. Zagreb, IBAN: HR9423600001102067864

    Commercial Court Zagrebu, MBS: 080436057
    Share capital: 21.000,00 kn paid in full

    Abis d.o.o.

    Preradovićeva 33, HR-10000 Zagreb
    +385 (0)1 4828 042
    +385 (0)1 4828 000