Standard translation from English to Croatian and Croatian to English

The term standard translation from English into Croatian refers to a translation that does not require a certification by a court interpreter. Such translation does not include the certification of a court interpreter, i.e. a certified translator.

For the sake of clarification, a standard written Croatian to English translation (or English to Croatian translation) is a written transfer of text from the source language (English or Croatian, depending on the direction of the translation) to the target language.

Translations from Croatian to English (or from English to Croatian) that have not been translated and further processed by a certified translator (i.e. a court interpreter) are usually submitted and translated electronically in one of the standard electronic formats such as PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, and other similar formats).

Non-certified written translations may be submitted in paper or electronic form. When it comes to such translations, it is not necessary to follow the format of the original text (number of pages, page layout, etc.). The format and method of delivery is always agreed with the client in such cases. If the original text so requires, different translation and delivery formats may be applied.

Such translations are usually produced and commissioned for various informal texts that do not constitute official documents, for example, various instructions for use, texts for websites, various publications, CVs, brochures, catalogues, letters, menus, travel guides, leaflets, memoranda, missions, visions, etc.

Prices for translations from Croatian to English and English to Croatian – from HRK 60.00 per page/unit of text!