Translation of diplomas, transcripts or certificatesEntrust your diploma translation to ABIS. A diploma and a certificate are evidence of the level of knowledge acquired. A transcript is a document that provides detailed information on the results achieved throughout a course of study. Diplomas, certificates and transcripts are official documents.

Translation of diplomas into German, translation of diplomas into English, translation of diplomas into French or translation into other languages …

A written certified translation by a court interpreter of documents such as diplomas, certificates or transcripts is a translation that has probative value and is a faithful and complete translation of the original diploma, certificate or transcript, as certified by a court interpreter for a particular language. A certified translation of a diploma, certificate or transcript must contain the court interpreter’s attestation statement, the place and the date of the translation, the number corresponding to the ordinal number of the Translations Logbook, and the signature and stamp of the court interpreter.

A translated and certified diploma, certificate or transcript can be sent to you by mail or you may pick it up in person at our office, whichever work best for you.

A translated and certified diploma, certificate or transcript may also be delivered upon request. The certification of a diploma, certificate or transcript by a court interpreter is included in the translation cost.

The cost of an urgent certified translation of a diploma, certificate or transcript by a court interpreter is calculated by adding an extra charge for urgency to the basic price of a translation of a diploma, certificate or transcript.

Your diploma, certificate or transcript can always be easily translated and certified by one of our court interpreters.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many copies of a certified translation are included in the price?

When you order a certified translation, you can get a maximum of two printed copies and, if necessary, a scanned copy (must be requested in advance).

Each additional copy is charged according to the current price list, and can be ordered at any time (as well as much later), as all certified translations made by the ABIS Translation Agency are archived.

Will the academic titles acquired during the previous Croatian education system be translated as academic titles under the current system (e.g. I have a diploma issued during the previous education system which states “diplomirani inženjer” (graduate engineer), will it be translated as “master of engineering” in the certified translation)?

No. For example, “diplomirani inženjer” will be translated in English as “graduate engineer”. Court interpreters are not authorized and may not interpret academic titles, especially since not every “graduate engineer” from the previous education system is automatically a “master” under the Bologna system. Certificates of the right to use an academic title are issued by faculties, and any unauthorized use of an academic title (without a faculty certificate) is a misdemeanour punishable by a high fine (Article 13 of the Academic and Professional Titles and Academic Degree Act).

It is important to emphasize that faculties issue certificates of the right to use an academic degree and of compliance with the Bologna system, and such a certificate can be given to a court interpreter for translation.

Harmonization of grading systems, units of measurement, etc.

A court interpreter will not in her/his translation convert the units of measurement, e.g. centimetres to inches. Nor will he or she convert grades, e.g. the Croatian grade “5” into an “A” of the U.S. grading system or into a “1” of the German grading system. This is not possible since grading standards vary.

The court interpreter will put a note at the end of the translation on the grading system in Croatia or in another country, if necessary.