Standard Slovenian to Croatian translation (from Slovenian into Croatian or vice versa)

Slovenian to Croatian translation – translation from Slovenian into Croatian is a translation that does not contain a certification by a court interpreter for Slovenian or Croatian (if translated from Croatian into Slovenian).

Due to the proximity of the neighbouring country and the intertwined business operations of Slovenian and Croatian economic entities, there is often a need for a translation that does not necessarily require a certification by a court interpreter. This kind of need arises in situations where it is necessary to translate different texts from Slovenian into Croatian. The kinds of texts that are most often translated from and into Slovenian are business correspondence, various operating instructions, websites, CVs, marketing materials such as brochures, catalogues, memos, menus, travel guides, leaflets and the like.

Written Croatian to Slovenian (or Slovenian to Croatian) translation is, simply put, a written transfer of text from the source language into the target language.

A non-certified translation from Croatian to Slovenian (or from Slovenian to Croatian) is usually submitted electronically in all MS Office application file formats (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point). In addition, common delivery formats are PDFs and similar formats.

Such translations are provided in hard copy or in electronic form.

When it comes to certified translations, a court interpreter always tries to approximately follow the format and layout of the source text. If this is not possible, appropriate notes are inserted within square brackets. Prices from Croatian to Slovenian and Slovenian to Croatian – starting from HRK 70.00 per page/unit of text!