A court interpreter is a translator authorized by a competent institution. In Croatia, court interpreters are appointed by the President of the County or Commercial Court. A court interpreter is a person who meets the requirements of the “Ordinance on permanent court interpreters”. Only a court interpreter can issue a certified translation of any legal document.
A translation agency ABIS Translations.hr from Zagreb has certified court interpreters for all languages and provides certified translation services in over 30 languages. In case you need a certified translation, just submit your document for free quote and we will get back to you shortly. Our headquarters are in Zagreb, but we provide services via the Internet, so you can request our services from anywhere in the world.
A translation agency Translations.hr – Zagreb offers translation and certified interpretation services from Croatian to English, German, Hungarian, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Slovenian, Serbian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Albanian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish , Lithuanian, Estonian, Moldovan, Ukrainian, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, Chinese, Persian, Romanian and Latin, Greek and other languages, and vice versa. We also offer all possible language combinations (translation from one language to another).

Certified translation is a translation produced by a certified court interpreter.

A certified translation is a translation produced by a certified court interpreter bearing their official seal and signature and is bound with the submitted document.
Translations.hr offers certified translation services and court interpreters in more than 30 languages. A certified translation consists of a translation of the submitted document and a certification by a court interpreter accompanied by their seal and signature, certifying that the translation is a faithful and complete translation of the source text. Each certified translation is assigned a unique number under which it is entered in the Book of translations of a particular court interpreter. Unless otherwise provided by law, the period of validity of a certified translation is unlimited. All official documents or documents originally written in a foreign language should be translated into the official language of the country in which they are used by a court interpreter for the particular foreign language in order to have probative value in the legal realm of the country. Only a certified translation of a particular public or private document has the probative value of a public document. This means that all documents that are originally written in a foreign language in order to have probative value in the legal realm of a country must be translated and certified by a court interpreter. A certified translation is required when exercising rights in proceedings before all public administration bodies, notaries public and courts.


Certified translation of specialised texts – ABIS translation agency, Zagreb provides translation and certification of all types of specialised texts (e.g. medical documentation, contracts, international tenders/tenders, etc.). Certified translations of specialised texts are the most complex and demanding forms of translation where, when translating, a translator and a certified court interpreter always consult experts (engineers, lawyers, doctors, etc.) to verify the terminology.

A certification by a court interpreter is required when translating documents to be used for official purposes, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, judgments, court decisions, certificates, diplomas, transcripts of assessments, certificates of non-conviction, certificates of residence, powers of attorney, ID cards, passports, driving licenses, court register excerpts, declarations, etc.

Translation cost calculation:

  • 1 unit = 1,500 characters (without spaces, spaces do not count as characters!) | VAT included
  • rates per unit where 1 unit = 1,500 characters (with spaces) are significantly lower than the ones listed on the price list and can be obtained upon request

An average translation speed of both translators and court interpreters is about six units of text per day (1 unit = 1500 characters without spaces). If necessary, it is possible to translate larger volumes of text by splitting the text between multiple translators.

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